Soul-Care Vs. Self-Care

Therapist for womxn of color, storyteller, podcast host, and Self-Care expert

multiracial people

Let’s talk about “Self-Care”, shall we?

It’s become an overused and commercialized buzzword. It has become a hashtag. It has completely lost its true meaning. We often hear of people referring to anything that isn’t work as self-care. So it’s not really our fault that we may still be feeling burned out even after binging on so-called “Self-Care”.

So how is it exactly that I help?

Well for starters,

  • I provide psychoeducation around self-care that makes sense. I make it digestible and interesting but I use my training and background as a therapist to help participants understand WHY their relationship with self-care may not be great, WHY their current self-care practices may not be working, and WHY they may be struggling with prioritizing their own needs.
  • I help workshop participants heal their relationship with Self-Care by using Brainspotting and Journaling to figure out what the problem might be and lower our activation levels around the issue.
  • I help participants find their unique types of “Soul-Care” that will actually help nourish and replenish them. I do this by encouraging reflection and giving them a workbook they can use with questions they can ask themselves next time they are in need of some Soul-Care.


“I really enjoyed this workshop Nancy, thank you! I think this was such a great workshop, it inspired me and I learned a lot about Self-Care that helps me to approach it in a different, more intentional way than before.
Thank you so much for helping me with my self esteem. I now have the courage to go after my dream of becoming a teacher. I have enrolled in the masters program. Thank you

The names have been changed to maintain privacy.

There's a lot to say about self-care.

And I believe that you’re here cause you want me to talk about that with you or at your event.

I’m honored.

Before we jump to conclusions, though, can you tell me a bit more?

Nancy Diaz online therapist

I’m sure you may be wanting to know a bit about me by this point, so let’s do it.
My name is Nancy Diaz and I am a trauma-informed therapist and I specialize in working with womxn of color who are daughters of immigrants. I grew up in poverty, so rest & self-care were never modeled for me because we were always in survival mode. I know what it’s like to be the first person in your family to go to college and carry the burden of being the eldest daughter that has to succeed.
It means that you have to work hard and never stop because you grew up watching your immigrant parents struggle and sacrifice so much to give you the life you had. There never seemed to be any time for self-care and I didn’t know how to prioritize it or what it even looked like.
I know what it’s like to be completely burned out from trying to navigate all of the challenges and barriers in this society for womxn of color and feeling that I always had to take care of everyone else’s needs and put my own last. So I wanted to create this workshop to help people from all walks of life learn to heal their relationship with self-care and identify the types of Soul-Care that work for them. Because everyone deserves healing.

I would love to bring The Soul-Care Vs. Self-Care Workshop to your group so that together we can rise above these challenges and have a better understanding of our own needs.